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Visit to Teloptic Company
Mar 06, 2012

Visit to Teloptic Company

On Thursday, 15th of December Head of Management Department Mr. Ali Goksu and other Academic Staff together with students from second and third year arranged a visit to the Teloptic Company in Sarajevo.


Visit to Teloptic

Teloptic Ltd is an organization which is founded in September 1990. It is 100% privately owned company and it has few businesses that are dealing with. It is consisted from six companies linked under same ownership of Mr. Nedim Čaušević, out of which Milkos and Sinalco production lines are most profitable. It is engaged in real estate business as well, which resulted in building of modern city mall “Importanne”.

By this visit students were able to recall their theoretical knowledge gained so far in their studying and see how the things are going in the practice. They were hosted by the Production manager of Milkos plant who gave them brief information about foundation of the company, its corporate structure, hierarchy, resource planning, challenges and many other relevant issues.

However, besides round table session with Production manager, the students took a tour around the production assembly and had a physical evidence of complexity and importance of such establishment. They were able to recognize how much planning and control is necessary in order to maintain that kind of production plant.

At the end, visit was concluded by showing a will for future cooperation between these two entities, which will improve the studding process of students at International Burch University.