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"Economic Challenges of BIH Integration to the EU" Lecture Held
Dec 26, 2013

"Economic Challenges of BIH Integration to the EU" Lecture Held

Academic community discussed the highly important issue of B-H position in EU integration process.

Numerous students and academic staff attended the „Economic Challenges of BIH Integration to the EU"lecture by Mr.Sci. Aldin Međedović, Advisor to Federal Minister of Education and Science, on 26th of December. The lecture, as one of the most important issues for Bosnia and Herzegovina, was organized by Social Sciences Research Center (SSRC) and Business Development Club (BDC) in order to encourage students to get involved in bringing solutions.

Mr. Međedović, who has required educational background and quite lot of working experience on EU integrations, gained by working as advisor to many local and international organizations, started his lecture by asking students to express their opinion on how do they see B-H position in EU integration process. There were pro and con attitudes of students, which was a good introduction to the topic.

Lecturer Međedović was speaking about criteria and sub criteria that must be fulfilled by one country in order to approach the EU integrations, details on Copenhagen criteria, as well as about the current situation and obstacles that B-H is faced with. Students were eager to discuss the current situation and actions that can be done in order to bring this issue forward to solution.

As a conclusion, Mr. Sci. Međedović explained that there is a strong commitment to work on progress within the different levels of the authorities, but there must be a consensus within the whole country to solve the inability to meet Copenhagen criteria. Also academia needs to work on creating a critical mass that would help politicians to get together and deal with the problems. Director of the Center, Mr. Sci. Esad Oruč expressed his appreciation and handed the appreciation certificate to Aldin Međedović.