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Introduction to Business - Practical Lecture Held
Dec 24, 2013

Introduction to Business - Practical Lecture Held

On 24th of December, Mr. Alija Pandur, Director of the StopWash Company, visited campus of the Burch University and held a lecture within the Intorduction to Business class for students of the 1st year of Faculty of Economics.

Director Pandur talked about business processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, explaining important details and obstacles that occurs from the first idea for doing some business, until its final implementation. It was interesting for students to hear a story of young company, which is doing business for only a year but has some real plans to be a leading brand in its field.

Guest lecturer Pandur also shared some experience with students when it comes to regulations, situation in market, business start up implementation of the ideas and wide range of activities appearing in cooperation with banking, legal and administrative sectors.

At the end of short and effective lecture, Mr. Alija Pandur invited students to apply for the internship and gain some experience in the filed of their studies. He also advised students, who have plans for starting their own business, to empower themselves with various skills, and do their masters in the field different from their original studies. The lecture was awarded with a great applause from students.