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Field Trip to HIFA Oil in Tešanj
May 15, 2014

Field Trip to HIFA Oil in Tešanj

Students from the Faculty of Economics (Management Department) of the International Burch University visited HIFA Group Company premises in Tešanj on May 13th 2014. The field trip was organized by the Faculty of Economics and its Business Development Club (BDC) headed by Dean of the Faculty Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teoman Duman and lecturers Assist. Prof. Dr. Uğur Ergun, Edin Smajić, Merdžana Obralić, Elif Öztürk, Mersid Poturak and Zafer Konakli.

Lecturers and students, who joined this learning expedition, were kindly greeted by Mr. Venan Hadžiselimović, the Executive Manager of Hifa Oil, Mr. Džavid Aličić, the Director of HIFA Group, and Mr. Kemal Mujkanović, the Promotion Manager. They held the presentation about HIFA Oil Company and talked about different paths to success based on their experience. They also talked about new innovative products and services they plan to do very soon which will save much money and energy.

The HIFA executives unselfishly shared their ideas on business and management with the students and Faculty representatives. Apart from touring the Headquarters of the company and explanation of the company’s structure students have an opportunity learn the tricks on their personal career development but also to see how business operate in real life.

Professors and students alike were amazed that this giant made its brand and its position solely relying on local personnel with the domestic focus. This contributed to students self reliance and self esteem. In addition, students and lecturers also used the opportunity to get information about the application of the economical theories that they have learned in their classes, and ask questions related to productions and distribution processes of the HIFA Group Company.

In Burch, we are certain that this collaboration will continue since we believe that the theory and practice are inseparable and that our host thinks the same. Nonetheless, the kindly offered to our students an opportunity to show what they have learnt in order to determine further cooperation.