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The Management Department provides a powerful strategic thinking that has impact on academia, business community and wider world. It implements an interdisciplinary approach, covering all aspects of management discipline which are supported by both theoretical and practical courses.

Why to come here? It is pretty simple, because we think that power of studying management will produce tremendous results, not only to have better business people but also we collectively can change the working environment and society as a whole. Second, we have diversified staff (foreign and local) with long educational experience and powerful ideas. When we put these two together, then we have remarkable programs and powerful impact. 


The program of Management Department is based on three year Bachelor Degree. After second year students can choose specialization field that they want. Fields are: 

  • Marketing Management,
  • Financial Management and
  •  Management and Information Technology.

Also students can choose their specialization in Accounting and Auditing starting from first year. The three year undergraduate degree in accounting is designed to prepare students for a career in accounting, including opportunities in financial analysis, controllership, auditing, tax advice and tax return preparation, consulting, and entrepreneurial services.

Accounting and auditing program is structured in a way that will equip students with the knowledge and skills that will satisfy the needs of public and private sector in the field of accounting and auditing, in the country and abroad

The requirements for a Diploma in Management include the completion of minimum of 180 ECTS credits of formal course work and 6 weeks of approved practical training – internship.

The academic program of Management Department is practical, competency-based, and designed to prepare students for entry-level positions as professionals in economics and business. 

The program offers a variety of elective courses in the fields of management-organization, marketing, finance and accounting, quantitative methods and techniques, management information systems and etc., giving the opportunity for students to specialize in these areas

Curriculum of the Undergraduate Program can be found HERE