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Bosnia and Herzegovina should become a member of EU

On the 18th of April, first year students organized a debate on the topic: Bosnia and Herzegovina should become a member of EU.

Our teams were:

AFIRMATIVE TEAM (for the motion)

  1. 1.      Inas Zukic
  2. 2.      Haris Magrdzija
  3. 3.      Anes Prentic


  1. 1.      Belkisa Sulejmanovic
  2. 2.      Dina Hatibovic
  3. 3.      Burak Demirbas


  1. 1.      Haris Zogic
  2. 2.      Meliha Duljevic
  3. 3.      Amina Kubat

The students were very well prepared, with good and strong arguments. The rules were simple: believe in yourself, try to prove the other team is wrong, defend your arguments, and the jury will give the final decision.

There were no winners and losers only the winning arguments which belonged to negation team. The audience agreed with the jury about the best debater. That award was given to Belkisa Sulejmanovic.

We would like to congratulate all our students who took part in this event.