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Student Debate "Globalisation has a Positive Effect on the Way of Life"

On 28th of March 3rd year students had a debate on the topic: "Globalisation has a positive effect on the way of life. It was the first debate organised at our faculty. It had internal caracter, which means that the participants and guests were our students and faculty staff. The students that participated in the debate were:

AFIRMATIVE TEAM (for the motion)

  • Muhamed Mulahmetovic
  • Kemal Keco
  • Jasmina Ademovic

NEGATIVE TEAM (against the motion)

  • Nedim Kadric
  • Elvisa Buljubasic
  • Amine Khadyr


  • Hanefija Selek
  • Burak OZTURK
  • Adis Cerimovic

We would like to thank these students for participating.The debate was very successful because they were very well prepared and gave very good arguments for and against the motion. This event was the first step towards future debate competition on the level of faculty and our university.