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Internship and feedbacks

Last year students of Management Department completed their internship in the companies that they have selected. Internship helped students to develop practical skills in the different areas, as well as in the practical working environment. Here are some students' experience from their internship:


Student: Sumeja Softić

Company Ziylan Holding, Istanbul


A few students including myself had a chance to do our internship abroad. We chose Turkey because of its appealing market expansion throughout several years back in almost all business sectors. The name of the company we worked in is Ziylan Group and it was founded in the early 1960's at which time it was making shoes to order, custom-special made.


The Ziylan Group currently exports to 29 countries. Entering the market with the FLO brand in 2001, the Ziylan Group introduced a store operation system that pioneered the shoe store concept in Turkey. The retail leap initiated in 2011 boosted the Ziylan Group to 260 stores across Turkey with the FLO and Polaris brands. The 7 companies in the Ziylan Group provide employment to 5,000 people selling 20 million pairs of shoes each year. The manufacturing plants sprawling across 70,000 sqm have the capacity to turn out 120,000 pairs of soles and 18 tons of sole liners per day.


These information can give you a small overview on what kind of operations this company uses in their production process and what the capacity of their work is. Our internship in the company began at the time which is the total peer of their work. The shoefair. Since we all chose the marketing department as our main field of interest we got the chance to work closely with the brand and project managers of various brands. What they taught us is the fact that a brand is more than a product to the customers. A brand is more than the name or visual element used to represent your company. It is the emotional and psychological associations that a person makes with your business, product or service. We could see this throughout their wholesale process, beginning with their supply-chain and ending at their final destination, the consumer.


The shoe fair displays the models of shoes which will be set into production according to the sales made. Attending this type of a selling process was a valuable working experience, because we got the chance to talk to sales persons, their clients and make sales ourselves. Right after the shoe fair was closed (after 7 days) we had to write reports on the orders made with full information on each pair of shoes specifically. These reports were sent to the production plant where the operations management plans the amount of materials in details. It is important to maintain their warehouses in order to reduce possible costs in terms of money and time. Different software, such as ERP and SAP are used for this purpose.


Seeing such a great operation process through the lenses of the marketing department, through the work of designers, project managers and other staff is what made this experience exciting for us. We finally got the chance to use our knowledge gained through the university in the real life business situations. Teamwork, good presentation skills, organization and self-valuation is what takes you to be a part of the whole process depending on your position. Eventually, the most important thing is hard work on a daily basis. You have to put your bars high and try to reach them every day. A set of goals is what it takes to be good a job in particular.


An internship of this kind really helped us to develop ourselves and understand how an organization works. The environment, the staff and all the activities and duties we carried out prepared us for the ever-lasting need to improve upon ourselves.


What I would recommend other students is to use every chance and opportunity they come across in order to find out what kind of work they want to do. Meet new people and experience the possibilities of a working environment. Explore different departments and find your interest. Make a list of tasks and places in the company you want to work on and visit. Ask questions and be curios, because all the workers will find time to answer you. An internship is not just about a job, it is about you. You develop your personal and professional skills in order to become a more successful person. Gain knowledge, share information and do networking. These are things that will eventually help you on the road to success.


In the end, I would like to thank the University for such an amazing opportunity. It was truly inspiring.


Student: Haris Rešidović

Company: Euro - Konto


Many students do choose their internship companies because of many different reasons. Some students struggle to properly select their internship firms because of their difficulty in finding out what matters most to them and what goals they set out to achieve. Because of this, many students fail to work for firms which will be best suitable for them. In order to counter this problem, we will have to look at certain criteria which will be most useful to students who face the decision of choosing the right firm to work for. The first recommendation is to work for a firm in which the student can feel at calm and see that he/she is comfortable there. Finding out the right amount of workers there can influence that decision. Some students may feel shy or hard to make themselves heard in a larger working environment. It is best to choose a firm which would not have too many workers in order to get more attention from supervisors and other which will enhance experience and knowledge. When choosing your firm, you should also ask yourself what you want to learn there and what experience you want to gain. This experience can be something which may become useful to you in the near future. If you seek to become involved in design, for example, then it would be best to choose a firm which has something to do with design or engineering so that you may feel more educated in those fields. Choosing a firm which has close resemblance to the courses you may be taking at university would also be very wise. If you want to build upon the knowledge gained from your University studies, you will surely want to enhance them by working for a firm which closely resembles those studies. If you are taking an course from accounting and you plan on further gaining knowledge on accounting, than it would be the best option to choose a firm which would closely be associated with the studies in that course. This would not only make you more knowledgeable but it would also very much be an attribute to your comfort in the workplace since you would be knowledgeable about the activities you are undertaking. You would feel somewhat informed on the activities you are doing opposed to being poorly informed and having to start from scratch. Many students when after selecting a firm to work for find themselves lost due to poor management of time while the internship is underway. Many students do not believe they have taken advantage of internship because they do not know how to assert themselves in the working environment. Because of this problem, students need to make sure that they choose an internship firm which will give them enough time and attention from supervisors in order for them to fill all possible gaps in time. During internship, you need to assert yourself and make it known that you are there to gain some experience from the work. Building a good social relationship with your supervisors is vital to doing this. The supervisors need to be aware of your goals and what you want to accomplish while doing internship. Doing assignments which interest you will lead to greater motivation and more will to do internship properly. Managing your time on something which does not interest you would be counterproductive and a waste of time in terms of gaining any valuable information of what you want to learn. Instead, try to work out something with the supervisors in terms of working on assignments which will be of greater value and interest to you. With this, the student will be more motivated to work on these activities and will not waste time on something that is of little interest to him/her. Manage your time in a productive manner, if you are not physically working, then you should be listening to the advice others, building communication skills, or studying the work environment and asking yourself if you have what it takes to someday be a worker or leader in that firm. Managing time is important for internship because it is an event in your life that is very quick but the experience gained from your internship can last a lifetime if you manage your time responsibly.


Student: Nedžad Isaković

Company: Ilidža Municipality Department of Finance


Internship is very important for every student of International Burch University, not just because it is required in order to earn sufficient number of academic credit points in the last year of study, but because students as interns get full and realistic view of work life in their fields of interest. Students also integrate academic preparation with practical application and skill development in the workplace and get opportunity to network with professionals in field of interest. Students also get the chance to explore career options and develop hands-on work experience and skills needed for future employment. It is an unique experience that couldn't be bought or acquired in any other way and offers numerous other benefits for student.


I performed my internship in the Ilidža Municipality Department of Finance. Ilidža is the west suburb of Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ilidža is the oldest inhabited area of Sarajevo, rich in natural beauty, and connected by tram and highway with the rest of the city.Situated at 490 meters above sea level, 12 km southwest of the city of Sarajevo, Ilidza is a spa and climatological resort, recreation center and great area for picnic. According to latest census in Bosnia and Herzegovina there are 71,892 people living in the Ilidža Municipality, which makes it second largest municipality in Sarajevo. Municipality with this number of people needs special effort in administrating people and life in it, and I can say that financial department of this municipality represents one big organization with high work intensity.

I performed my internship from July 1st until August 13th in the 2013. First day of my internship, my supervisor Miss Azra Stambolić held a meeting with her staff in which she introduced me and highlighted them that they should give their best to introduce me and make me familiar with every aspect of business in that department. Then she divided those thirty days that I wanted to spend on my internship into various segments of operation and assigned several employees that would be held responsible for giving me instructions. I felt very flattered and surprised with that approach, and from the first day I knew that I will utilize my internship time in the bestpossible way. I was expected to be on my workplace from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day. In the first several days of my internship I learned many things about Book of Ingoing and Outgoing Invoices, which is basically a register for the receipts that municipality issues and receives during the year. After that I learned a process of filling a Value Added Tax Declaration and I was actually involved in the whole process from analyzing data, through posting into VAT Declaration, to delivering it to a competent organization. In the next period I was involved into learning what travel order, and income from other independent activities is. During that time I become familiar with accounting software called Pantheon, which I used for posting information about travel orders, salaries, income from other independent activities, and treasury reports. I spent several days just reading appropriate laws and legislation about all activities mentioned before using articles and different issues of the Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina which were provided to me by my supervisor. Maybe most interesting activity that I performed during my internship was the process of creating a budget rebalance for the Ilidža Municipality. I was involved in every aspect of the budgeting and I was actually present on the session of Municipality Council in which that budget rebalance was accepted.


The activities that I performed during my internship could mainly be connected with Managerial, Financial and Cost Accounting courses in Economics Department of International Burch University. I transferred all that theoretical knowledge from these courses into real-world practical knowledge and situations which I encountered in my work in Ilidža Municipality. Management course showed to be very hopeful in the process of creating budget rebalance. What I was promised at the beginning of my internship was achieved, I will experience and absorb every aspect and operation within financial department of Ilidža Municipality.

The process of deciding place for internship and internship alone was very intensive and here are several guidelines for Management Department students for their internships:

1. Choose company for your internship wisely; you should consider such aspects as how much will you learn if you decide specific company for internship, and is that company big enough to show you every aspect of business that is important.
2. Start thinking about possible company solutions early and make contact with best choices immediately; the process of getting a company to accept you as an intern is very long and as early you start there will be better possibility to do an internship in the company which is best suitable for you.
3. Act professionally; during your internship it is very important to be professional and serious entire time and to make good impression, because maybe even that company will be your future workplace.
4. Write down important things; employers and supervisors appreciate when you as intern take your responsibility seriously and write everything that is important and interesting related to activities you perform, this will also be very helpful at the time when you choose to fill your internship journal.
5. Be proactive; if you start feeling bored and neglected by other employees during your internship time make sure to note them that they are responsible to teach you as much as they can during that time, sometimes employees and supervisors are busy but they will always be glad to instruct you when they are remarked.
6. Keep good relationships; student on internship should be nice toward employees and supervisors during his or her internship time; you never know when someone of them could be helpful for you in the future.
These are some principles that guided me during my internship. Because of these principles I had very interesting, productive, and fun time in performing this duty of my studying.